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gismu rafsi: sfu x1 is a/the hoof [body-part] of x2. See also xirma.
ti noi prenu cu zbasu lo cutci be lo sufti
This person makes horseshoes.
le xirma pu jundi stapa lo bisli lo sufti
The horse carefully stepped on the ice with her hoofs.
lujvo xi1=c1 is a pony of species/breed xi2. Cf. xasli, sufti.
ei do lasna lo cutci lo sufti be lo xirma lo dinko
You should fit the shoe to the horse's hoof with nails.
gismu rafsi: xir xi'a x1 is a horse/equine/[colt/mare/stallion/pony] of species/breed x2. (adjective:) x1 is equine/equestrian. See also sufti, xasli, kumte.