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gismu rafsi: sul x1 is a quantity of/made from/consists of wool [tight curly hair] from animal/species/source x2. See also kosta, kumte, lanme, kanba, bukpu, kerfa.
lo sunla be lo lanme cu xutla
Lamb's wool is soft.
le nixli cu nivji lo creka lo lanme sunla
The girl is knitting a sweater from fleece.
mi mitysisku lo sunla skaci lo nenri be lo vi kumfa
I'm looking for a woolen skirt among things in this room.
lo vi sunla kosta cu taxfu lo zvati be lo cmana gi'e bandu fi lo nu lenku
This fur coat is used by those who are in mountains and protects from cold.
gismu x1 is a goat/angora/[billy-goat/kid] of species/breed x2. See also lanme, sunla.
lujvo c1 is a thread of fabric material c2=b2. Cf. skori, silka, marna, mapni, sunla, fenso.
gismu rafsi: buk bu'u x1 is an amount of cloth/fabric of type/material x2. See also mapni, matli, sunla, slasi, silka.
gismu rafsi: kre x1 is a/the hair/fur [body-part] of x2 at body location x3. See also skapi, sunla, pimlu.
gismu rafsi: kos x1 is a coat/jacket/sweater/cloak/[cape/shawl/pullover] [extra outer garment] of material x2. See also pastu, sunla, taxfu.
gismu rafsi: lan x1 is a sheep/[lamb/ewe/ram] of species/breed x2 of flock x3. See also kanba, sunla.
gismu x1 is a camel/llama/alpaca/vicuna/dromedary of species/breed x2. Llama (= tcokumte), Bactrian camel (= zdokumte); Arabian camel/dromedary (= rabykumte). See also sunla, kanla, xirma, xasli.
experimental gismu x1 is a quantity of fluff of composition/structure/characterization/substance x2; x1 is fluffy/airy/soft/fuzzy in texture Visual and tactile. Most likely is malleable, but this word has no such implications inherently; porousness or foaminess is likewise not implied. Might also include "cushiony", "cotton-like", "wool-like"; a fractal nature might be present. For fuzziness: not necessarily hairy or furry, but must be soft; not bristly (which implies stiffness and hardness). See also: ranti, rufsu, xutla, panje, dilnu, mapni, sunla, fonmo, jduli, pesxu, marji.