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gismu rafsi: sur x1 relaxes/rests/is at ease in/by doing/being x2 (activity). See also dunku, tatpi, cando, vreta.
ko surla
.e'o mi surla
I'm going to rest, Ok?
.e'u do ze'a surla
I suggest you rest for a while.
la tom cu surla
Tom is taking a rest.
e'a do surla
You can rest.
la tom pu surla
Tom was relaxed.
do e'o surla
Please relax.
ko'oi do panpi surla
Rest in peace.
xu mi ka'e ze'i surla
Can I rest a bit?
pe'u ko zutse gi'e surla
Why don't you sit down and relax?
ko troci lo ka surla
Try to rest.
mi pinxe tezu'e loka surla
I drink to relax.
mi surla lo nu mi tavla
I relax myself by talking.
mi surla lo ka vreta lo sfofa
I relax myself by lying on a sofa.
cmavo attitudinal: relaxation - composure - stress. See also surla, cnilanxe, dunku.