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lu sutra bajra li'u cu tanru zo sutra zo bajra
"melbi ractu" is a tanru (compound verb) with seltau "sutra" and tertau "bajra".
gismu rafsi: sut x1 is fast/swift/quick/hastes/rapid at doing/being/bringing about x2 (event/state). See also masno.
ko'a sutra
He's fast.
ko sutra
sutra binxo
sutra tavla
to talk fast
sutra tavla
ko sutra
Be fast!
la.tam. ka'e sutra bajra
Tom can run fast.
.u'e ra bajra sutra
How fast he runs!
ko sutra klama ti
Come here quickly.
mi sutra bajra
I run quickly.
mi klama co sutra
I go quickly.
ko'a pu sutra cadzu
He walked rapidly.
xa'e mi'o na sutra
Let's not be too hasty.
mi na sutra ei
I'm not in a rush.