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sai sutra zmadu
ko sutra zmadu zukte
Act faster!
do sutra klama
You quickly go. You go fast.
lo sutra bajra mlatu
a quickly running cat
lo sutra mlatu
a quick cat
lo sutra citka
quick eater
do sutra klama nakni
You are a quickly going male.
ko sutra bajra
Run quickly!
do sutra ja stati
You are quick or smart or both.
sutra tavla cutci
fast-talker type of shoe
le sutra tavla
The fast talker
le sutra cu tavla
The fast one is talking
le sutra se tavla
The fast listener.
lo papri cu sutra jelca
Paper burns quickly.
.u'e ni la.tam. tavla sutra
How fast Tom speaks!
ra sutra cliva lo kumfa
He quickly went out of the room.