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le bunre xirma pu'i sutra
The brown horse is fast.
la naokos. pu'i sutra bajra
Naoko is a fast runner.
le mi gerku cu sutra
My dog is fast.
e'o ko na sutra tavla
Please don't speak too quickly.
xu do ka'e sutra bajra
Can you run fast?
ko sutra .i mi'a denpa
Hurry up! We are waiting for you.
ko'a me lo sutra cadzu
He's a fast walker.
mi'ai nova'e lo ni sutra
We're in no hurry.
sutra denmi bo binxo senta
mi sutra klama la meris.
I quickly go to Mary
le sutra cu se tavla
The fast one is talked to.
le mi gerku cu sutra
My dog is fast.
mi zenba lo ni sutra
My rapidity increases.
le grusi xirma pu'i sutra
The gray horse is fast.
gismu rafsi: sno x1 is slow/sluggish at doing/being/bringing about x2 (event/state). See also sutra.
lujvo d1 is eager/impatient for d2=s2 to happen. Cf. sutra, djica, djicni.