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gismu x1 thirsts for x2; x1 needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication x2. See also nitcu, djica, xagji, pinxe.
mi taske
I am thirsty.
mi taske
I am thirsty.
mi na taske
I am not thirsty.
i mi taske
I'm thirsty.
mi mutce taske lo birje
I'm dying for a beer!
mi mutce taske lo jisra
I'm dying for a juice!
mi pinxe ri'a lo nu mi taske
I drink because I am thirsty.
ca lo nu mi klama lo zdani vau do pinxe lo tcati ri'a lo nu do taske
When I go home you drink tea because you are thirsty.
lujvo t1 is neither quenched from nor thirsty for drink/fluid/lubricant t2. On a scale between “quenched” and “thirsty”, t1 is roughly at the midpoint. See also: taske, toltaske, no'e.
lujvo t1 is quenched and has enough of drink/fluid/lubrication t2. See also banzu, taske tolxagji, pinxe.
gismu x1 hungers for x2; x1 needs/wants food/fuel x2. See also cidja, citka, djica, nitcu, taske.
gismu rafsi: pix x1 (agent) drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment x2 from/out-of container/source x3. See also cidja, citka, taske, tunlo, xaksu, barja, birje.
gismu rafsi: tcu x1 needs/requires/is dependent on/[wants] necessity x2 for purpose/action/stage of process x3. No implication of lack. See also banzu, cidja, claxu, pindi, xebni, sarcu, lacri, djica, taske, xagji.
gismu rafsi: dji x1 desires/wants/wishes x2 (event/state) for purpose x3. If desire is for an object, this is sumti-raising; use tu'a in x2 (or use lujvo = po'edji). See also taske, xagji, mukti, nitcu, nelci, pacna, prami, rigni, trina, xebni, xlura.