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gismu rafsi: tav ta'a x1 talks/speaks to x2 about subject x3 in language x4. Not limited to vocal speech, but this is implied by the x4 without context of some other medium of conversation (use cusku, casnu, skicu, ciksi for weaker implication of vocal communication); converse/discuss/chat (= simta'a, simsku, vricysimta'a for a conversation not clearly delimited by subject). See also bacru, cusku for actual expression, casnu, darlu, skicu, ciksi, bangu.
so'iroi tavla
He tends to talk too much.
sutra tavla
to talk fast
sutra tavla
do tavla
You are-talking.
ko tavla
mi tavla
I talk
mi tavla do le tavla
I talk to you about the talker
mi tavla do le tavla ku
I talk to you about the talker
mi tavla i jo nai do tavla
Either I talk or you talk.
do dukse tavla
You chatter too much.
.e'o ko masno tavla
Please speak slowly.
la meg. dukse tavla
Meg talks too much.
mi tavla do
I talk to you.
do tavla mi ta
You talk to me about that.
mi tavla do ti
I talk to you about this.