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gismu rafsi: fon x1 is a telephone transceiver/modem attached to system/network x2. See also tcana.
lujvo t2 is a network/transport/communication/distribution system with nodes/stations including t1. Made from se + tcana.
va'i so'i tcana cu ru'i benji lo zgike vreji se ta'i lo nu mi na kakne lo nu fukpi gasnu
In other words, many nodes continuously stream music files as a method of preventing me from copying them.
lo kibro cu ciste lo se tcana be lo skami poi se pi'o ce'u lo prenu cu jikca
The internet is a system with computer nodes, using which people communicate.
gismu x1 broadcasts/transmits [using radio waves] x2 via station/frequency x3 to [radio] receiver x4. Also x1 is a broadcaster. See also tivni, benji, tcana.
lujvo b1 distributes b2 to b3 from b4 over path b5. b1 is a distributor. Cf. benji, mrilu, xatra, tcana.
lujvo t1 is a railed vehicle station/depot/yard in transport system t2=t3 for cars/wagons/units tr2 (default heavy rail) propelled by tr4 from trene tcana.
lujvo tcana2 is a/the metropolitan area network (MAN) that includes nodes tcana1=s1 whose function/purpose is s2. See also: samseltcana.
lujvo k1 is a bus/coach for carrying passengers p1=k2, propelled by k3. Cf. karce, marce, tcana, klama
lujvo t1 is a bus terminal/station/depot in transport system t2 for buses for carrying p1=k2 from sorprekarce tcana.
lujvo t1 is an airport in transport system t2 for aircraft of type v2 propelled by v3 from vinji tcana.
lo nu klama lo zunle gi'e ba bo ze'a klama lo crane gi'e ba bo klama lo pritu cu pluta lo aftobuso tcana ti
The route to the bus station is the following: you turn left, then go straight for a while, and then turn right.
lujvo t1 is a seaport/ferry terminal in transport system t2 for boats/ships/vessels of type b2 propelled by b3. Cf. bloti, tcana, ni'ablo, brablo, greblo, xamsi, korbi.
gismu rafsi: dag x1 is a road/highway to x2 from x3 with route x4 (x2/x3 may be unordered). A regularly used, improved-for-use surface for travelling. See also naxle, tcana, pluta, klaji.
fu'ivla x1 is an IRC user on channel x2 in network x3. Add a me'e place for nickname, or a fi'o tcana place for server, if needed. Erase x2 using zi'o if no channel is involved.
lujvo t2 is the internet/cyberspace that includes nodes/computers t1=s1 whose function/purpose is s2. Cf. munje, skami, tcana, samseltcana, kagysamseltcana, internet.