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gismu rafsi: tic x1 (event/experience) misleads/deceives/dupes/fools/cheats/tricks x2 into x3 (event/state). Agentive deception (= ticygau, ticyzu'e); x3 could be an action or a belief on the part of x2; harmful intent or result is not implied (= malticyzu'e for such harmful intent); self deception (= sezytcica); deceive/trick into misguided action (= ticyxlu); misguided belief (= tickri); fib/lie/tell an untruth/lie/fib (= ticysku, jifsku), white lie (= zanticysku). See also stace, xlura, stidi, kajde.
ko'a tcica mi
She tricked me.
do pu tcica
You cheated.
ro ko'a ca tcica
They're all lying.
lo nu prami cu tcica
Love is a lie.
.e'unai ko'a na tcica ko
Don't let them fool you.
mi la .tam. tcica .aunai
I don't want to lie to Tom.
tu'a ko'a na tcica le ko'a jatna
He is loyal to his boss.
le nakni pu jai tcica le fetsi
He fooled her.
mi pacna lo nu tu'a xai na tcica mi
I hope they aren't deceiving me.
lo tcica cu jicmu ro lo nu jamna
Trickery is the basic of every war.
lujvo s1 is dishonest/disingenuous to s2 about s3. Cf. stace, tcica.
.oi cai lo pe mi puzu se prami cu jai tcica fi lo nu jbera lo jdini .i je na xruti gasnu
Holy Fucking Shit! My old ex is a thief!
lo nu lo jbari cu xunre cu tcica mi lo ka pensi lo nu to'e se ckape lo ka citka le jbari
The red color of the berry misled me into thinking that it's safe to eat it.
lujvo x1 (event) is an illusion that deceives/tricks x2 into sensing x3 using sense x4 under conditions x5 Use jai gastcica for objects; ganse tcica; prugastcica, narprugastcica.
fu'ivla x1 is an impostor, pretender; x1 engages in deception under an assumed name or identity x2. See jifkritrazu'e, tcica, cmene, sevzi