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mi mo'u tcidu lo se ciska le bitmu
I have read what is written on the wall.
experimental gismu x1 accesses x2 for purpose x3 ; x1 approaches / reaches / interacts with / reads / uses x2 See kargau, jorne, cpacu, tcidu, pilno, gasnu. This word is intended to have a very broad meaning. Proposed rafsi: -jos-
fu'ivla x1 (entity) is a document with content x2 (entity) material substance (including electronic ones) on which thoughts of persons are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol. See also te tcidu, cukta, uenzi, papri, fa'o.
mi retsku lo jei ka'e tcidu lo ra cusku kei ra
I asked him if I could read his book.
lo glico ctuca be mi ba'o stidi lo nu mi tcidu loi vi cukta
My English teacher has advised me to read these books.
nandu mi fa le nu tcidu lo lerfu pe le vidni
It's hard for me, reading letters on the monitor.
mi platu lo nu troci lo nu tcidu lo drata cukta
I plan to try reading some other books.
ca ko'a se nandu lo nu ge tu'a ko'a tolfekybi'o gi ko'a tcidu lo cukta
It is presently very difficult to calm down and treat oneself with a book.
ca'o lo nu mi tcidu lo xatra kei ku ko'a klama
I had been reading a letter when he came in.
lo puza selmri be Alis noi ju'o do pu tcidu ke'a
Alice (who must certainly be you)'s e-mail got read.
ko tcidu .i ba'anai do pante vu'e le za'i lo banrglico cu bangu lo jboskepre
Read it. I recall, you protested quite virtuously the fact that the lojbanologists had discussions in English.
mi jimpe tcidu lo glico i ku'i mi kakne nai lo ka tavla ri
I can read English, but I can't speak it.
i ko spusku mrilu mi po'o fau lonu do tcidu je jimpe ti
Reply me via mail only when you read and understand this.
.i di'a jundi .i .u'e mi tcidu soi te djuno la .loglan.
I'll be right back. Wow, I'm reading, knowing something about Loglan.
lo mi patfu cu se tcaci loka tcidu lo nuzykarni pu lonu cersai
My father is in the habit of reading the newspaper before breakfast.
lo va junla cu te tcidu lo tcika pe baza lo mentu be li pa
That clock is one minute fast.