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lo mi junla cu te tcidu lo tcika pe baza lo mentu be li re
My clock is two minutes fast.
lo mi junla cu te tcidu lo tcika pe baza lo mentu be li 5
My clock is five minutes fast.
le pa sinxa junla cu te tcidu lo tcika pe baza lo mentu be li 10
The alarm clock is ten minutes fast.
lo nu do ca klama cu da'i banzu lo nu do tsuku ca le se tcika
Leaving now would be enough for you to arrive on time.
li cy so my ci no tcika lo nu lo zarci co'a akti
Shops start working at 9:30
cmavo-compound tcika modal, 2nd place (for letters) at the same time as ... ; label with event.
mi'ai krici lodu'u lo nu co'a morsi cu se tcika li re pi'e reno ba lo djedi midju
We believe the time of death was 2:20 p.m.
ba'a cu'i lo se klani be lo sovda cu lacri lo tcika lo nu lo jipci cu jai gau cfari
In my experience, the number of eggs depends on when a hen starts.
li cy pa no my mu sy re ze tcika le nu le jakne co'a vofli vau la nipon
10:05:27 (Japanese timezone) is when the rocket started the flight.
gismu x1 is x2 hours in duration (default is 1 hour) by standard x3. See also junla, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci.
gismu rafsi: dor do'i x1 is the daytime of day x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is diurnal (vs. nocturnal). See also nicte, djedi, tcika.
gismu rafsi: met me'u x1 is x2 minutes in duration (default is 1 minute) by standard x3. See also junla, cacra, snidu, tcika.
(sei A cusku) co'u ma do ca lo prulamcte cu cikna i (sei B cusku) cikna co'u lo se tcika be li ji'i 2 pi'e 30
"How late did you stay up last night?" "I was up until about 2:30."
gismu rafsi: cer x1 is a morning [dawn until after typical start-of-work for locale] of day x2 at location x3. This morning (= cabdeicerni); tomorrow morning (= bavlamcerni); yesterday morning (= prulamcerni, prulamdeicerni) See also vanci, murse, tcika.
experimental gismu x1 is the time-duration/interval/period/[elapsed time] of event x2. short rafsi is -dit-. Cf. cedra, ranji, tcika, renvi, temci, canlu, kuspe, krafamtei
gismu rafsi: jul x1 is clock/watch/timer measuring time units x2 to precision x3 with timing mechanism/method x4. Also timepiece. See also cacra, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci.