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gismu x1 [state/property] is a situation/condition/state/position/are conditions/circumstances of x2. Characteristics or environment of an object/event/process stage or state that are typically/potentially only temporary. See also stuzi, zvati, vanbi, ve pruce, ckaji, zasni.
serai tcini
It's an emergency.
ma tcini do
What's your situation?
lo tcini cu fenki
The situation is crazy.
banli tcini ba'o lo carvi
It is cool after the rain.
xu da nabmi tcini do
Are you in any difficulty?
ma tcini lo nu pilno
What are the terms of usage?
a'o do ka'e zi cikre lo tcini
I hope that you are able to resolve the situation soon.
ma tcini doi .i'u lo verba
What's up, kiddo?
ko'a pu ciksi tu'a le tcini mi
She explained the matter to me.
na tcini lo nu mi spuda
I'm not in a position to answer.
mi mo'u renvi lo xlali tcini
I survived that terrible situation.
ma tcini lo nu do pu farlu
How did you fell down (what were the circumstances of your falling)?
mi zgana lo tcini lo ka tirna
I'm monitoring the situation by listening.
ma cmene lo tcini poi do klama ke'a
Which station are you going to?
lo nuzba be le tcini pu se terpa
News about the situation were frightening.