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cmavo binary mathematical operator: to the power; exponential; [a to the b power]. see tenfa
la'oi googol du li pano te'a panono
A googol is ten to the power of one hundred.
li mo'e namcrgogolo du li pano te'a panono
A googol is ten to the power of one hundred.
li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o su'i pa du li no
e^(i × π) + 1 = 0.
li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o du li ni'u pa
e^(i × π) = -1.
cmavo binary mathematical operator: logarithm; [log/ln a to base b]; default base 10 or e. see also dugri, te'a
gismu rafsi: tef x1 is the exponential result of base x2 to power/exponent x3. See also dugri, te'a
experimental cmavo iterated function left-composition with self: f∘f∘...∘f, n times. First argument must be a function(al) or some object f that can be left-composed with itself; second argument is a real number (usually nonnegative integer) n for which n compositions of f makes sense; the result is f left-composed with itself n times. This word is a shortcut for longer expressions. See also: fa'ai, se'au, te'a, fe'a.
experimental cmavo iterated Cartesian product with self: A × A × ... × A, n times. Probably belongs to selma'o VUhU but, since it is iterated JOI, there is the case for that. First argument A is a set or similar object; second argument n is a nonnegative integer; the result is the cross-product of A with itself n times. Used as a shortcut for longer, arguably more preferable, constructions so that one can more closely say "R three" and mean R^3. Emphatically not equivalent to exponentiation; it only works on sets and similar objects. See also: te'a, pi'u, se'au.
gismu rafsi: tep te'a x1 fears x2; x1 is afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of x2 (event/tu'a object). Also: x1 feels terror about x2; x2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to x1 (= selte'a to reorder places). See also snura, xalni, xanka, virnu.