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lujvo s1=t1 is Earth science based on methodology s3. terdi2, terdi3 and saske2 subsumed. x1 is an all-embracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth. It is arguably a special case in planetary science (=plinyske). Not limited to reductionistic science, but also embrace holistic views. See also derske.
Earth science
lujvo s1 is natural science with subject s2 =r1 with methodology s3. More specific than saske. Requires the use of the scientific method to explain the natural world. See also rarna, termu'eske, xumske, ji'eske, and tedyske
lujvo s1=d1 is soil science [science about earth/soil] based on methodology s3. dertu2, dertu3 and saske2 subsumed. Soil science studies the soil that occupies the pedosphere, one of Earth's spheres. This is not the same as geology (the lujvo for this should mean planetary+composition+science). The two main branches of soil science are pedology (=terderske; the study of soil in its natural setting) and edaphology (the study of soil in relation to soil-dependent uses). See also tedyske, rokske and kunske.