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lujvo x1 (living thing) is of age x2 (time period since birth) See jbena, temci, nanca
lujvo x1 is an instant/moment in time x2 See temci, mokca
lujvo f1 is a ruin that has decayed from time/event t2 to time/event t3 from temci festi
lujvo x1 is the spatial distance between x2 and x3 See also sepli, temci
lo cacra be li ci cu temci lo nu mi mo'u cliva lo dinju vau lo nu lo mamta mo'u tsuku le dinju
Three hours passed from the time I left the building till the time the mother arrived at it.
lujvo x1 is earlier than x2 by amount of time x3. cf. lecmau, temci
lujvo k1=c1 ranges through time/has duration k2=c2. x2 is the complete duration as the amount of time or an interval specification and is non-aorist. Cf. temci.
gismu x1 is x2 hours in duration (default is 1 hour) by standard x3. See also junla, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci.
lujvo c1=t1 is space-time occupied by c2. Cf. canlu, temci, tarske, mu'eske.
lujvo t1 (hours, minutes, seconds) is the daylight saving time of state/event t2 on day t3 at location t4=c3. Cf. temci.
lujvo f1 is an event that has time/temporal duration t1 ranging from starting time/event t2 to ending time/event t3. Made from fasnu + temci.
lujvo j1=k1 is a watch (portable timepiece) measuring time units j2 to precision j3 with timing mechanism j4. Cf. junla, temci.
lujvo j1=t2 (point in time / point-event) is near/approximates j2=t3 (point in time / point-event). Cf. jibni, temci, zi.
lujvo x1 is in the past of/earlier than/before x2 in time sequence, separated by an interval of x3 See purci, temci.
lujvo x1 is in the future of/later than/after x2 in time sequence, separated by an interval of x3 See balvi, temci.
lujvo d1=t2 (point in time) is far/distant in time from d2=t3 (point in time). Cf. darno, temci, zu.