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lujvo x1 is the differintegral of x2 with respect to time of order x3 with starting point x4
experimental gismu x1 is the differintegral of x2 with respect to x3 of order x4 with starting point x5 Definition of which differintegral operator is being used is context dependent. Output x1 is a function, not a value (that is, it is f rather than f(x)); it must be specified/restricted to a value in order to be a value. x2 is likewise a function. If the function has only one variable, x3 defaults to that variable; when x2 is physical, without context, time will probably usually be assumed as the default of x3 (but may be made explicit by temsalri). Positive values of x4 are integrals, negative values are derivatives, and zero is identity; at the least, any real value may be supplied for x4; x4 has no default value. Useful for making lujvo for physics, for specifying career/total/sum versus peak/instantaneous value, for distinguishing between instantaneous versus average values/quantities, for specifying rates, generalized densities (including pressure), "per" for smooth quantities, etc. See also: salrixo (synonymous zi'evla).