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gismu rafsi: ted x1 is the Earth/the home planet of race x2; (adjective:) x1 is terrestrial/earthbound. (cf. lunra, plini, solri, kensa, tsani; dertu for ground, dirt, except when used to express physical relative frame of reference E.g. on the ground, the ground beneath us. tsani)
la terdi cu carna
The earth rotates.
le terdi ze'ecaru'i binxo
The world changes a lot.
ma'a xabju la terdi
We live on Earth.
ti terdi lo remna
This is the planet of humans.
la koknoc. terdi lai klingon.
Qo'noS is the home planet of the Klingons.
lo terdi bazi se daspo
The end of the world is very near!
le terdi cu melbi planeta
The Earth is a beautiful planet.
cmevla Earth. Cf. terdi.
xu da jmive bu'u lo drata terdi
Is there life on other worlds?
lo lunra cu darno lo terdi
The moon is distant from the earth.
lo solri cu mutce darno lo terdi
The sun is so distant from the earth.
lo nu jamna cu vindu le terdi
War is the poison of the world.
le terdi cu barda ba'u nai
The Earth is big, to put it mildly.
le kernelo be le terdi cu glare
The core of the Earth is hot.