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gismu rafsi: tep te'a x1 fears x2; x1 is afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of x2 (event/tu'a object). Also: x1 feels terror about x2; x2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to x1 (= selte'a to reorder places). See also snura, xalni, xanka, virnu.
mi terpa la'e di'u
I fear so.
ra na terpa da
She is not afraid of anything.
mi terpa do
You're scaring me.
ra terpa lo nunmro
He is afraid of death.
do se terpa mi
You're scaring me.
terpa le barda gerku
They were afraid of the big dog.
terpa lo cticinza
He is afraid of chopsticks.
la .tam. terpa
Tom is scared.
.i ke'u mi terpa
As earlier mentioned, I was afraid.
mi do na terpa
I'm not afraid of you.
mi do terpa
You scare me.
mi pu dukse terpa
I was too afraid.
mi ca'o terpa
I'm scared.
mi'ai pu na terpa
We were not afraid.
ra terpa no da
She is not afraid of anything.