lojbo jufsisku
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lujvo ta1 is a disguise/camouflage worn by ta2 to deceive tc2 into tc3. The implied tc1 is the event of ta2 wearing ta1. The implied ta3 is deceiving tc2 into tc3.
lo kalte pu se ticta'u
The hunter wore camouflage clothing.
lujvo x1=k1=r1=z2 is a cryptic organism/stealth object/having the ability to avoid observation/detection by x2=z1=r2=k2 via senses/means (observer) x3=z3 through action/state x4=r3 (event) under conditions x5=z4=k3. x4 methods include camouflage (=ticta'u), nocturnality (=ctenalcando), subterranean lifestyle (=tumsfeni'a), transparency (=klina), and mimicry.