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lujvo t1=j1 listens to/pays attention to sound t2=j2 with ambient background t3. Cf. zgatirna.
ko'a tinju'i lo se cradi
They are listening to the radio.
noda si'au ca'o tinju'i mi'ai
No one seems to listen to us anymore.
ra nelci lo nu tinju'i lo zgike
She likes to listen to music.
ko'a pu ca'o tinju'i lo zgike
He was listening to music.
ra na pu ca'o tinju'i lo zgike
They were not listening to music.
mi pu troci lo nu tinju'i ko'a
I tried to listen to him carefully.
ko tinju'i lo be do patfu
Listen to your father.
lujvo x1 listens to x2 Synonymous to tinju'i; see also tirna, sance.
ca lo prulamdei mi tinju'i lo melbi selsa'a
Yesterday I listened to a very beautiful song.
mi nelci lo nu ta'e tinju'i lo nolzgi
I like listening to classical music a lot.
ckire do lo nu tinju'i tu'a lo se jarco be mi
Thank you for listening to my presentation.