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gismu rafsi: tiv x1 broadcasts/televises programming x2 via medium/channel x3 to television receiver x4. Also x1 is a broadcaster; x2 programming (mass), program/show (ind.). See also cradi, skina, vidni, benji, tcana.
mi tatpi lo tivni
I'm tired of TV.
noda ve tivni ne'i lo mi zdani
I don't have TV at my place.
le mi mamta piso'uroi catlu lo tivni ca lo nicte
My mother seldom watches TV at night.
ko jai gau na akti fai lo ve tivni
Turn down the TV.
.i lo prenu cu jinvi co se rarna lo nu tivni
We take it for granted that television exists.
ma fo lo se tivni pe lo pavdei vanci cu traji fe lo ka do nelci
What's your favorite TV show on Monday evening?
ti ca'o tivni lo skina la internet lo mi zdani skami
This camera is streaming video via the internet to my home computer.
gismu x1 is a video monitor/CRT/screen [machine] serving function x2. See also skina, ve tivni.
lujvo c1=f1 is live (experienced as it happens) to experiencer c2. Cf. cabna, fasnu, tivni.
gismu x1 broadcasts/transmits [using radio waves] x2 via station/frequency x3 to [radio] receiver x4. Also x1 is a broadcaster. See also tivni, benji, tcana.
fu'ivla x1 streams/shows via streaming x2 (broadcast/signal) through streaming medium/service x3 See also tivni, cradi, benji, kibro.
lujvo n1 is an advertisement about n2=v2 by n3=v1 to intended audience n4=v3. Cf. vecnu, notci, venynoicu'u, zairsnucu'u, karni, cradi, tivni.
gismu rafsi: kin x1 is a cinema/movie/film about x2 [plot/theme/subject/activity], filmmaker x3, for audience x4. Also motion picture; x2 may be a convention rather than a subject; cartoon/animation (= selxraci'a skina); television/tv show (= tivyskina, regardless of length, factual content, etc.). See also tivni, vidni, pixra, finti.
gismu x1 is a station/node of/in/on transport/communication/distribution system/network x2. x2 may be represented by massed vehicles of system. See also dargu, litru, pluta, trene, ciste, ve mrilu, tivni, cradi, ve benji, fonxa, dikca, fatri.
gismu rafsi: bej be'i x1 transfers/sends/transmits x2 to receiver x3 from transmitter/origin x4 via means/medium x5. Also possibly "sharing"; no (complete) alienation from origin is implied. x5 carrier. See also muvdu, dunda, mrilu, nirna, xruti, cradi, tivni, preja, cmavo list be'i, bevri, mrilu, tcana.