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lujvo x1=c1 is cocky/chesty/arrogant about x1=c2 (abstraction).
ta'e tolcumla
He tends to be arrogant.
lujvo cp1 humbly asks for/implores cp2 from cp3 in manner/form cp4. Cf. pikci, tolcumla.
lujvo x1 empathizes with x2 in feeling x3. Cf. cinmo, kansa, dai, uu, ga'i, tolcumla.
gismu rafsi: jgi x1 (person) feels/has pride in/about x2 (abstraction). An emotional combination of satisfaction and respect/esteem towards property(ies) or action(s) of person/entity that has a specific tie to emoter; self-pride (= se'ijgi, tolcumla); use x2 tu'a for pride in non-specific actions/properties of someone. See also cinmo, cumla, sevzi, sinma, snada.