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lujvo s1 expends effort/is actively/effortfully involved in doing/being s2 (activity) See also: a'i, lazni, renvi, snada, surla, tatpi, troci.
fau lo nu la lojban farvi kei zo'e pu ru'i tolsurla lo nu stogau la lojban lo ka kulnu nutli kei ba'o le pamoi te farvi
In the development of Lojban, efforts were consistently made since the initial phase to keep the language culturally neutral.
lujvo k1 subitizes (effortlessly/immediately/instantly counts the number in/recognizes the cardinality of) set k2 to be k3 [number/count], counted by/in terms of units k4 "Counting off" does not really make sense for this word. Must be extremely rapid without very much active tabulation/numeric processing/calculation; also must be confident and accurate in order to be true subitization (although this word my apply to false/imperfect subitization). See also: tolsurla, kancu.