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fu'ivla x1 translates x2 (source) into x3 (result/product) Similar to fanva but with different place structure. fanva3 and fanva4 can be mimicked by attaching pe bau to the x2 and x3.
lo'e traduki cu traide
To translate is to betray.
mi traduki lo vi uenzi lo glico
I'm translating this text to English.
mi traduki lo glico lo lojbo
I translate from English to Lojban.
zi'o traduki zo coi zoi gy.hello!.gy.
"coi" is translated as "Hello!"
do traduki zoi gy.yay, hello!.gy. ma noi lojbo
How would you translate "Yay, hello!" to Lojban?
mi pu traduki lu coi ui li'u noi lojbo zoi gy.yay, hello!.gy. noi glico
I translated Lojban "coi ui" to English as "Yay, hello!"
lu coi ro do li'u se traduki fi zoi gy.hello, everyone!.gy. noi glico
"coi ro do" is translated to English as "Hello, everyone!"
gismu x1 translates text/utterance x2 to language x3 from language x4 with translation result x5. See also cusku, bangu. traduki is similar but has a different place structure.
experimental gismu x1 is a gloss (brief explanatory note or translation) of x2 (text) See also lo ve ciksi, uenzi, traduki