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la .tam. troci lo nu jgari lo ty. ckiku lo ty. jmadegji
Tom tried to pick up his keys with his toes.
mi troci lo ka daspo lo dacti se pi'o lo pe mi menli ku po'o
I try to destroy an object using just my mind.
mi troci lo du'u ko'a co'u simda'a noi ku'i na'e frili
I tried to stop their quarrel, but that was not easy.
ji'asai mi pu troci lo ka ciska lo selsanga poi skicu lo nu makau pu fasnu
I even tried writing a song about what happened.
to'u ro lo se troci be mi'ai pu se jalge no da
In short, all our efforts resulted in nothing.
ra pu troci lo ka facki lo danfu be le nabmi
He tried to solve the problem.
lo ni mi'o snada cu te fancu lo ni mi'o troci
Our success depends on how hard we try.
lo na te snada cu krefu lo nu troci vau li ci
The attempt ended in a failure for the third time.
u'i lo mlatu cu troci lo ka kavbu lo rebla be vo'a
Ha-ha, a cat is trying to capture its tail.
lujvo x1 promotes / publicizes / advertises x2 (object or idea) to community x3; x1 tries to make x2 famous to x3 Note: English metonymically uses "sell" for this concept, but vecnu refers to the act of exchange, not advertising or promoting. See misno, gasnu, troci
lo temci zo'u lo prenu ro roi troci lo nu catra .i ku'i za ba'o catra py
Time: That which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.
la tom. goi ko'a na djuno lo jei kakne lo ka broda .i ku'i ko'a ba troci lo ka broda
Tom doesn't know whether he can do it, but he'll give it a try.
lu doi .meris. .i .e'o ko spuda li'u se retsku la .adEl. noi troci lo nu jitro lo ka xanka
"Mary, will you answer my question?" asked Adèle while trying to control her excitement.
gismu rafsi: fli x1 fails at doing x2 (state/event); x1 is a failure at its role in x2. Baffled (= pesfli, jmifli, dafspufli, menfli, among other senses); also x2 ceases/does not complete/fails to continue due to failure on the part of x1. See also cfila, snada, srera, troci, sisti, ranji, denpa, bebna, zunti.
pe'i lo nu mi'ai na frili kakne lo nu benji la nomoi cu mukti .ei lo nu mi'ai na troci lo nu benji ja vecnu lo remoi
In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.
lo tance be mi mi bradi lo nu mi troci lo ka pilno le tance lo ka bacru lo lojbo valsi
My tongue is my enemy when I'm trying to use it to utter Lojban words.