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lujvo k1=j1 is the management board/executive committee/executive board of k3=j2. Cf. jitro, kamni, fuzraikamni, trokamni, ctakamni, gazykamni, kagnytruralju.
lujvo k1=c1 is the audit committee of k3. Cf. catlu, kamni, trukamni, trokamni, gazykamni.
gismu x1 (mass) is a committee with task/purpose x2 of body x3. Board of directors/trustees/cabinet (= trukamni, gritrukamni). See also bende, kagni.
lujvo k1=g1 the committee for steering/organizing g2 into g3 by system/principle(s) g4 of body/organization k3. From ganzu, kamni. Cf. trukamni, trokamni, ctakamni.
lujvo r1 is CEO (Chief Executive Officer)/MD (Managing Director) of company/corporation/firm t2=k1. Cf. kagni, turni, ralju, kagja'a, kagyfu'e, fuzrai, trukamni, vipkagni.
lujvo k1=t1 is the supervisory board/board of directors/governing council of t2=k3. Cf. turni, kamni, trukamni, ctakamni, gazykamni, kagnyja'a.
gismu rafsi: tru x1 governs/rules/is ruler/governor/sovereign/reigns over people/territory/domain/subjects x2. x2 need not be complete specification of set of governed; reign/rule (= noltru); king/queen/sovereign (= nolraitru); pure democracy (= roltrusi'o), representative democracy (= rolka'itrusi'o), viceroy (= ka'itru), pure communism (= kaurpo'esi'o), board of directors/trustees, steering committee (= trukamni); government (= trugunma, trugri (emphasizing the components), truci'e (emphasizing the organization)). See also catni, minde, tutra, jecta, gugde, ponse, jitro.