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gismu rafsi: tum tu'a x1 is a parcel/expanse of land at location x2; x1 is terrain. (cf. vacri, xamsi; tutra, which need not be land, gugde, xamsi)
co'o lo mi tumla
Goodbye, my land!
mi nelci lo bemro tumla
I like North American lands.
ti tumla lo drata gugde
This is a land of another country.
so'i da cmana lo vi tumla
This land has a lot of mountains.
au mi vitke lo dzipo tumla
I want to visit the Antarctica.
ti zbani lo tumla pe la nipon
This is a coast of the Japanese land.
lo tumla pu se calku lo bislunsa ca lo cerni
The ground was covered with frost this morning.
li'a mi pu no roi vitke lo dzipo tumla
Of course, I have never been to Antarctica.
xu do ricfu lo ka ponse lo tumla
Are you rich in how much land you own?
lo flalu prenu je lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu ja rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
lo flalu prenu e lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu gi'a rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
ti cange lo barda tumla lo mensi be mi lo vanjba
This is a farm covering a large parcel of land; it's kept by my sister and produces grapes.
lo vi tumla cu ferti lo ka te crepu lo vanjba
This land is fertile for reaping grapes.
lo vu ve'i cmana ba manri lo nu zgana le tumla
That hill will be the reference frame for observing the land.
ti rirxe lo sudga tumla lo vifne poi flu'ente lo xamsi lo cmana krasi lo condi
This is a river in a dry land running its fresh waters in a deep river bed towards the sea from springheads in the mountains.