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experimental gismu x1 is/reflects/pertains to race/societal(/social) classification x2 culture/status in aspect x3, of subtype/particular subcategory/group/tribe x4, by definition/standard/societal classification system x5 See also: kapli, maska, rindo, xispo.
lujvo x1=c1 commits genocide against race/group/people x2=t2=c2 by means x3=c3 tutle is experimental. Race-based. Not necessarily successful, but it treats loi se tutle as a mass, in which case not all members must die (although some do) in order for the mass to experience its "killing".
experimental gismu x1 is/reflects/pertains to Native American/Amerindian/First Nations person(s) ['race'; generalized] culture/status in aspect x2, of subtype/particular subcategory/group/tribe x3, by definition/standard/societal classification system x4 Makes no implications of relative status etc. See also: tutle, kapli, maska, xispo, abniena, niengatu, nienke'a, ancinabe, tsalagi, siksika.