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cmavo attitudinal: amusement - weariness. See also selzdi, selxajmi, xalbo.
u'i pei la .tom.
Do you think Tom is funny?
.u'i ta cusku zo ganxo
Heh, heh, he said "arsehole".
.u'i nai banzu ca lo cabdei
Yawn, that's enough for today.
u'i be'u ko skicu lo drata lisri
Hehe, not that funny, tell me another story.
u'i bu'o nai mi di'a gunka
Enough laughing, I'm back to work.
i la camgusmis cu cusku zo lobjan u'i ru'e
Heh, Camgusmis said "Lobjan".
u'i be'u nai ba'a mi ca farlu lo loldi
Ha-ha-ha, so funny, I can't laugh anymore, I might fall down to the floor now.
u'i nai mi pu tirna lo do xajmi lisri
Boring, I heard your funny story.
ni'o xu do za'o na'e jimpe fi lo se cusku be mi'ai vau ga'i .ionai .u'i
Are you still not understanding what we're saying, 'sir'? =P
.u'i sai xu do djica lo nu catra ba'e ro sfani
Hahaha! Do you want to kill all flies?
u'i lo mlatu cu troci lo ka kavbu lo rebla be vo'a
Ha-ha, a cat is trying to capture its tail.
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: used to express a fit of overwhelming or uncontrollable laughter; the stereotypical 'evil laugh' Additional -'a syllables may be added as desired. See u'i, le'o, xa'a, cmila, palci
fu'ivla x1 is a lolcat/picture of animal x2 with humorous caption x3. Etymology: Combination of u'i and mlatu and meant to parallel u'ivla.
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: laughter Differs from u'i in that this is meant to be a typographical representation of actual laughter. Additional -'a syllables may be added as desired. See bu'a'a, cmila, ki'ai
fu'ivla x1 is a word meaning x2 in language x3 and silly/funny/clever for reason x4 (usually etymological). The word u'ivla is itself an u'ivla, as it is an unconventional portmanteau of u'i and -vla- (a rafsi of valsi) and also a pun on the word fu'ivla. Another example is u'imla.