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fu'ivla x1 is an utterance or text, in language x2 cusku, bangu, gerna
le uenzi cu xindo
The text is in Hindi.
mi traduki lo vi uenzi lo glico
I'm translating this text to English.
ti uenzi lo vajni nu fasnu
This is a text about important events.
lo vi uenzi cu tordu lo ka se pagbu lo xo kau valsi
This text is short in the number of words.
fu'ivla x1 is text meaning x2 in language x3 See sinxa, uenzi, smuni
experimental gismu x1 is a gloss (brief explanatory note or translation) of x2 (text) See also lo ve ciksi, uenzi, traduki
lujvo x1 (quoted text) is the text that stands for the number x2 in language x3 See na'uvla, namcu, uensni, uenzi
fu'ivla x1 pronounces x2 (text) as x3 (sound) See uenzi, bacru. Also, x3 is the pronunciation of x2 (te uenba'u for reordered places).
lujvo x1 is the empty utterance/text lo kutyuenzi = {lu li'u}. See also kunti, uenzi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutydza, zai'o
fu'ivla x1 (entity) is a document with content x2 (entity) material substance (including electronic ones) on which thoughts of persons are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol. See also te tcidu, cukta, uenzi, papri, fa'o.