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gismu rafsi: vaj vai x1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2 (person/event) in aspect/for reason x3 (nu/ka). Also: x1 matters to x2 in aspect/respect x3. See also banli, ralju, vamji, dirba, kargu, pajni.
ti mutce vajni
This is very important.
ti traji vajni
This is the most important matter of all.
mi jai vajni
I'm important.
nai mutce vajni
It doesn't matter so much.
ko'a vajni mi
It's very important to us.
ti na vajni
This is not important.
no va'e vajni mi
I don't care at all.
vajni ba'e mi
It's important for ME.
na'e vajni mi
It's not important to me.
na vajni mi
I don't care.
mi vajni le purdi tersla
I played an important part in the garden party.
ru'a ti krasi lo vajni
Could this be the start of something big?
lo xrabo cu mutce vajni bangu
Arabic is a very important language.
lo ka jditce ku po'o vajni
Determination is everything.
lo nu ko'a te cusku cu vajni
It's important that she hears this.