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gismu rafsi: vac x1 is an evening [from end-of-work until sleep typical for locale] of day x2 at location x3. This evening (= cabvanci); tomorrow evening (= bavlamvanci); yesterday evening (= prulamvanci). See also cerni, murse, tcika.
It's evening.
vanci coi
Good evening!
vanci coi
Good evening!
vanci coi .i pei
Good evening, how are you?
lo vanci tsani co'a cicna
The evening sky became turquoise.
.i la ba'e .tam. jukpa lo vanci sanmi
Tom was the one who cooked dinner.
to'u nai mi cliva ca lo lamji vanci
In detail, I leave this evening.
ma fo lo se tivni pe lo pavdei vanci cu traji fe lo ka do nelci
What's your favorite TV show on Monday evening?
ai ca lo vanci be lo bavlamdei mi vitke lo mamta be mi
I'm going to visit my mother tomorrow evening.
lujvo x1 is a sunrise at location x2 as observed by x3 See also solnuncanci, solri, cerni, vanci.
lujvo v1=l1=b1 is tomorrow evening; v1=l1=b1 is the evening after b2=l2 at location v3. Evening (=vanci), this evening (=cabvanci), yesterday evening (=prulamvanci).
lujvo x1=v1=c1 is this evening; x1=v1=c1 is the evening occuring at the same time as x2=v2 at location x3=v3. Evening (=vanci), tomorrow evening (=bavlamvanci), yesterday evening (=prulamvanci).
gismu rafsi: cer x1 is a morning [dawn until after typical start-of-work for locale] of day x2 at location x3. This morning (= cabdeicerni); tomorrow morning (= bavlamcerni); yesterday morning (= prulamcerni, prulamdeicerni) See also vanci, murse, tcika.
lujvo b1 is later than noon of day d2 at location d3. donri+midju+balvi; see also vanci, lerci, cerni, nicte, dormidju, lecydo'i
gismu x1 is the [astronomical] twilight/dawn/dusk/half-light/glimmering of day x2 at location x3. Morning twilight, dawn (= cermurse); evening twilight, dusk (= vacmurse). See also cerni, kandi, vanci.