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gismu rafsi: vas vau x1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents x2 within; x1 is a vessel containing x2. [also accommodates, container; containment need not be total; x2 is Contained. in x1 (= selvau for reordered places)]; See also bartu, jbini, nenri, zvati, cpana, botpi, lanka.
la'a do vasru ko'a
Maybe you contain it.
xu vasru su'o silna
Is there any salt left?
lo tanxe pu vasru so'i cukta
The box was full of books.
mi pu cirko lo jdini vasru
I lost my wallet.
lo'e nanba cu vasru lo so'i lanbi
Bread contains a lot of protein.
lo dargu sefta cu vasru lo tapla
The road pavement contains tiles.
lo va tanxe cu vasru lo plise
That box contains apples.
lo tanxe pu vasru so'i cukta
The box was full of books.
le cidja cu vasru lo zinki
The food contains zinc.
lujvo v1 contains powder of material p2. Cf. purmo, vasru.
ma poi pagbu le vi cukta cu vasru le jufpau
Where is the phrase in this book?
i panoki'o lojbo jufra cu se vasru la tato'ebas
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mi pu citka lo stasu poi vasru lo nudle
I ate a soup with noodles.
lo vacri cu vasru lo kijno e lo trano
The air consists of oxygen and nitrogen.
gismu x1 is a basket with contents x2, woven from material x3. See also vasru, baktu.