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lujvo x1=vr1 is a record of x2=ve1 [seller] having sold x3=ve2 [goods/service/commodity] to buyer x4=ve3 for amount/cost/expense x5=ve4, stored on medium x6=vr4. Cf. vecnu, vreji
je'urja'o lo du'u lo civla befi lo gerku cu zmadu lo civla befi lo mlatu lo ni pu'i ve plipe
It was proven that fleas living on dogs jump higher than fleas living on cats.
mi zbasu lo botpi soi ve pruce lo nu cpacu lo blaci grana vau ce'o lo nu rumgau lo grana
I make bottles by the stages of getting glass rods and melting the rods.
lo nu ckeji lo za'i na ka'e tavla fo lo bangu cu ve jmisre lo du'u makau bangu
Being ashamed of not speaking a language is a misunderstanding of what a language is.
experimental gismu x1 is a gloss (brief explanatory note or translation) of x2 (text) See also lo ve ciksi, uenzi, traduki
experimental gismu x1 (bridi) is a metaphor/figurative expression having literal meaning x2 See sidysmu, tanru, pevna, pe'a, ve lujvo, cimjvo
lujvo s1=c1 is a medal for c2 given for atypical c3 (event/property) by c4. As in cnemu, a positive/negative connotation is not implied. See also: ve.
lujvo x4=b1 runs on surface x2=b2 using limbs x3=b3 with gait x1=b4. ve bajra
lujvo x4=b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary x2=b2 from x3=b3 in property/amount x1=b4 (ka/ni). ve bancu
lujvo x4=b1 bites/pinches x2=b2 on/at specific locus x3=b3 with x1=b4. ve batci
lujvo x4=b1 is a button/knob/handle on/for item x2=b2, with purpose x3=b3, made of material x1=b4. ve batke
lujvo x4=b1 is a crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2=b2 directed/led by x3=b3 organized for purpose x1=b4. ve bende
lujvo x4=b1 insures/indemnifies x2=b2 against peril x3=b3 providing benefit x1=b4. ve binra
lujvo x4=b1 is a wall/fence separating x2=b2 from x3=b3, and subdividing x1=b4. ve bitmu
lujvo x4=c1 is a farm/ranch at x2=c2, of rancher x3=c3 raising/producing x1=c4. ve cange, see also banro
lujvo x4=c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity x2=c2 for x3=c3 with x1=c4. ve canja