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ca ma do pu te vecnu lo ractu i le ractu na'i
When did you buy a rabbit? I didn't buy a rabbit.
mi pu te vecnu re pikta be lo verba bei lo ka klama la boston
I bought two child tickets to Boston.
ta me lo cinri cukta i au mi te vecnu ri
That is an interesting book. I'd like to buy it.
mi pu te vecnu lo plise lo rupnu be li re
I bought apples for 2 dollars.
mi te vecnu lo vi plise e y lo vu perli
I'm buying these apples and, umm, the pears over there.
lujvo n1 is a sales lead/opportunity for v1 to sell v2 to v3 for amount v4. Cf. cumki, nu, vecnu, vencu'u, velventerzu'e.
gismu rafsi: jat x1 is an account/bill/invoice for goods/services x2, billed to x3 by x4. See also jdima, vamji, vecnu, canja, jerna, dejni, jbera.
lujvo j2 costs j1 to agent j3 by standard j4. j1 is not necessarily money but also time, mental strength etc. Cf. jdima, pleji, vecnu, cpacu, prali.
lujvo c1 is/are the sales function/activities of c2=v1 selling v2 to v3; c1 is sales. Cf. vecnu, cuntu, selvensro, janta, faircu'u, zbacu'u.
lujvo x1=vr1 is a record of x2=ve1 [seller] having sold x3=ve2 [goods/service/commodity] to buyer x4=ve3 for amount/cost/expense x5=ve4, stored on medium x6=vr4. Cf. vecnu, vreji
lujvo n1 is an advertisement about n2=v2 by n3=v1 to intended audience n4=v3. Cf. vecnu, notci, venynoicu'u, zairsnucu'u, karni, cradi, tivni.
.e'o ko vecnu lo karce mi .i mu'i bo lo za'i do ponse ra cu na'e cinri
If you are bored then sell it to me!
la alis pu tsuku lo zarci gi'e te vecnu lo plise i ba bo ra klama lo zdani
Alice entered a store and bought apples. Then she went home.
mi pu te vecnu lo ka se ctuca fi la lojban ze'a lo cacra be li ci
I bought three hours of Lojban lessons.
lujvo v1 is an insurance premium for an insurance sold from v2=b1 to b2=v4, which is v3. v2=b1 and b2=v4 do not neccessarily need to be human, these could also refer to abstract entities, like companies. See also: binra, vecnu and ve.
lujvo x1 promotes / publicizes / advertises x2 (object or idea) to community x3; x1 tries to make x2 famous to x3 Note: English metonymically uses "sell" for this concept, but vecnu refers to the act of exchange, not advertising or promoting. See misno, gasnu, troci