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experimental gismu x1 remembers experience x2 (li'i) x1 lifri x2 is implied. See also morji, lifri. Proposed short rafsi -ve'i-.
mi vedli tu'a lo vi zgike
I remember this music.
da mi se vedli je se skicu fi do
What I wist I told to you.
mi vedli lo nu mi pu viska makau
I remember what I saw.
mi vedli lo ka kansa la alis bu'u ti
I remember being with Alice at this place.
lujvo x1 remembers experience x2 (li'i) Synonymous with vedli. See also lifri, morji.
mi vedli na je morji lo nu la lenin pu pilno la termenvoks ca lo nanca be li 1920
I remember that Lenin listened to theremin in 1920 (but of course I wasn't there in person at that time).
mi pu finti lo lisri lo ka jai gau zdile le verba vau lo se vedli be mi
I created a story out of my real experience to amuse the child.
lujvo x1 forgets experience x2 (li'i) = to'e vedli. See tolmo'i, li'i, li'imdu
experimental cmavo evidential: I remember (experiencing) - I deny remembering See moi'i, vedli, morji, kai'e, lai'i. Split from ba'a so that it can be properly negated with nai or questioned with pei
fu'ivla x1 (li'i) is the subjective conscious experience of x2 (nu or ka-of-x3), as experienced by x3 Brivla form of li'i. See lifri, vedli, li'i, nundumu, du'umdu, su'umdu, zilkai, ganseti
experimental cmavo evidential: I remember - I don't remember (fact ; that/whether something is true) Differs from vei'i or ba'anai on being based on recollection of facts, not an experience. moi'i is to morji what vei'i/ba'anai is to vedli. Also see moi'icu'i