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do ka'e zgana lo veltivni
You can watch television.
e'u mi'o zgana lo veltivni
Let's watch TV.
ra nelci lo nu zgana lo veltivni
He likes to watch TV.
la.tam. ro roi zgana lo veltivni
Tom is always watching television.
lo mi mamta na nelci lo nu zgana lo veltivni
My mother doesn't like watching TV.
lo ni lo ponjo verba cu zgana lo veltivni cu zmadu tu'a lo glico verba
Japanese children watch television more than English children.
lujvo c1 is a radio transceiver transmitting/receiving c2 on frequency c3 to/from transceiver c4. The x3 place may specify more than one frequency, for instance in cases where different frequencies are used for transmission and receipt. Cf. veltivni.