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lo za'u ra prami lo za'u verba be vo'a
They love their children.
la tom cu ctuca fi lo fraso fe lo verba
Tom teaches French to children.
le verba ca ca'o ciska lo se cukta
The child is writing a book.
ni'a loi ri'ornimre tricu loi verba cu kelci
The children are playing under the lime tree.
lo verba cu roldzadijbartu gi'e kelci lo bolci
A kid was outdoors and played with a ball.
lo'e verba cu nitcu lo ka se prami
Children need loving.
xu lo pa verba cu prami lo ci mlatu
Does the child love the three cats?
lo verba cu pinxe lo ladru .a lo jisra
The child drinks milk and/or juice.
lo verba ce lo cmalu cu casnu lo pa karce
The child and someone small discuss a car.
lo verba cu cokcu lo ladru lo tatru lo moklu
Children suck up milk from breast into the mouth.
mi pu jai gau citka fai lo verba
I fed the child.
le verba cu simlu lo ka masno lo ka cadzu
The child seems to be slow at walking.
tu spita lo verba lo vidru te bilma
That is a hospital treating children for viral diseases.
lo verba cu vamtu lo pu se citka vo'a
The child vomited what he had eaten.
lo verba cu vikmi lo pinca lo xadni lo nakpinji
The child excretes the urine from the body via the penis.
fu'ivla x1 is altricial, requires nourishment, a baby, infant organism soon after hatching or being born at such stage of development when it is incapable of moving around on its own. See also prekoci, verba, makcu