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lo vi ponjo se sanmi cu tubnu lo rismi lo finpe sovda
This Japanese meal is a tube of rice with caviar as its filling.
lo vi cukta cu se vamji lo barda mi lo nu mi lanli ce'u
This book is worth a lot to me for studying.
lo vi cukta cu se vamji lo ka carmi zanru ce'u
This book is worth high praising.
lo vanbi be lo vi jufra cu sinxa lo nu lo cusku pu na junri
The context of this sentence is a sign that the author wasn't serious.
le prenu cu sanli vi lo mitre be li re ki mi
The man is standing near, only two meters away from me.
lo vi senta be lo dertu cu vitno lo ka bisli
This layer of soil is permanently frozen.
i lo vi mlatu cu vrici lo ka skari ma kau
These cats vary in color.
lo vi djine cu xukmi lo solji li pi mu bi mu
This ring is 58.5% pure gold.
mi te vecnu lo vi plise e y lo vu perli
I'm buying these apples and, umm, the pears over there.
lo vi zbabu cu se zbasu fi lo jilka joi lo grasu joi lo djacu
This soap is made of alkali, fat and water.
ki'u lo nu ciska bau lo glico kei lo nu tcidu lo vi cukta cu frili mi
Written in English, this book is easy for me to read.
la animism cu lijda lo remna poi se zdani lo vi tumla lo du'u ro dacti cu vasru lo pruxi
Animism is a religion of people living on this land that asserts that every object contains a spirit.
lo vi sunla kosta cu taxfu lo zvati be lo cmana gi'e bandu fi lo nu lenku
This fur coat is used by those who are in mountains and protects from cold.
mi jinvi lo du'u lo vi uenci be lo nu farvi fa le bangu cu mutce lo ka vajni
I think that these documents containing the development of the language are very important.
lo vi mlatu cu verba lo masti be li ci lo ka ca'o pinxe lo mamta ladru
This cat of three months old is still a kitten since he still drinks mother's milk.
lo vi jinci cu vraga lo ka se pi'o ce'u katna lo pelji vau lo midju re da
These scissors is a lever for cutting paper with the fulcrum in the middle and two arms.