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le vi karce cu di'atce
The price of this car is very high.
le vi kabri cu tirse
This mug is made of iron.
lo vi jufra na glico
This sentence is not in English.
ma ralte lo vi kacma
Whose camera is this?
mi mencti lo vi skina
I am watching this video.
lo vi nanba cu kukte
This bread is delicious.
mi'a xabju vi le renytcana
We live close to the station.
lo vi dacti ku xamgu
This thing is good.
mi nelci lo vi stuzi
I like it here.
lo vi gerku ku barda
That dog is big.
ma jdima lo vi junla
What is the price of this watch?
seja'e ma la tom vi
Why is Tom here?
mi vi nau doi tom
I'm here now, Tom.
e'o do denpa vi ze'a
Please wait here for a while.
mi ponse lo vi karce
I own this car.
lo vi palku cu toljinsa
These pants are dirty.