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cmavo dimensionality of space interval tense: 2-space interval; throughout an area.
da bisli vi'a lo dargu
There is ice on the road.
mi pu litru vi'a le gugde
I travelled across the country.
mi pu klama vi'a le tcadu
I moved around the city.
lujvo x1=pi1 is a portrait of x2=pi2=pr1 (motif) by x3=pi3 (artist). vi'a prexra for portrait picture; vi'u prexra for statue. cf. prenu pixra
gismu rafsi: vis vi'a x1 sees/views/perceives visually x2 under conditions x3. Also (adjective:) x1 is visual; x3 can include ambient lighting, background, etc. which may affect what is perceived; note that English "see" often means "look" or a more generic "observe", or even "understand, know". See also catlu, jvinu, kanla, minra, simlu, djuno, jimpe, zgana, ganse.