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gismu rafsi: vib x1 is a/the vagina [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, plibu, vlagi, mabla.
xu ti pixra lo vibna be lo bakni
Is this a picture of a cow's vagina?
lo nakpinji be lo bakni pu klama lo nenri be lo vibna
The bull's penis entered the vagina.
lujvo p1 is the clitoris of p2. Cf. fetsi, pinji, nakpinji, vibna, vlagi, plibu
lujvo x1 is a prostitute offering his/her services to x2 for x3 (payment). Cf. vibna, pinji, xangle, molgle, gaxygle.
gismu rafsi: lag x1 is a/the vulva [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, plibu, vibna, mabla.
gismu rafsi: pib x1 is a/the pubic area/external genitalia [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, vibna, vlagi, ganti, mabla.
gismu rafsi: let gle x1 copulates/fucks/mates/has coitus/sexual intercourse with x2. x1 and x2 are symmetrical; mounts (= cpanygle). See also cinse, pinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi, mabla, speni.
gismu x1 is a/the clitoris/penis [projecting reproductive organ; body-part] of x2. Normally context eliminates need for specificity; otherwise: penis (= nakpinji), clitoris (= fetpinji). See also cinse, gletu, vibna, plibu, vlagi, mabla, ganti.
gismu rafsi: cin x1 in activity/state x2 exhibits sexuality/gender/sexual orientation x3 (ka) by standard x4. Also: x1 courts/flirts; x3 could be a ka , ka , or ka , etc.; (adjective:) x1 is sexual/sexy; x1 is flirted with/courted by x2 (= cinfriti, cinjikca). See also gletu, pinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi.
gismu rafsi: mal x1 is execrable/deplorable/wretched/shitty/awful/rotten/miserable/contemptible/crappy/inferior/low-quality in property x2 by standard x3; x1 stinks/sucks in aspect x2 according to x3. Bloody (British sense), fucking, shit, goddamn. See also zabna, xlali, palci, dapma, funca, ganti, ganxo, gletu, gutra, kalci, pinca, pinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi, zargu.