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fu'ivla x1 is the gynosome/female intermittent sexual organ [body-part] of x2 This is a penetrative sexual organ used by females (egg-bearers) to penetrate and extract sperm and possibly seminal fluid from sexual partners. It is not a clitoris (as of a vagina into which sperm is injected).
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is a member of insect genus Neotrogla, of species x2 Species of this genus are noted for their so-called "sex-reversed" organs. See: vibnrbarpinji, nakpibrkevna.
fu'ivla x1 [body-part] is the male genital cavity of individual x2 It belongs to a male (sperm-bearer). It is the "vagina-like" organ into which gynosomes may be inserted during mating; this similarity is due to its role in intercourse (being penetrated), and not due to its role in producing certain gametes or hosting embryos. See also: vibnrbarpinji