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gismu rafsi: vir x1 is a virus of species/breed/defining property x2 capable of infecting [at] x3. See also jurme.
ti'e lo bangu cu kensa vidru
They say that language is a virus from outer space.
ti vidru la rotavirus lo remna
This is Rotavirus that infects humans.
tu spita lo verba lo vidru te bilma
That is a hospital treating children for viral diseases.
lo vi vidru cu xatsi lo grake lo ka tilju
Weight of the virus is 1 attogram.
ti jinku lo remna tu'a lo vidru lo ka se setca fi lo ciblu
This a vaccine for human use, it protects against viruses and is to be injected into the blood.
gismu rafsi: jum x1 is a bacterium/germ/microbe/protozoan/amoeba [1-celled life] of species/defining property x2. See also vidru.
lujvo p1=v1(virus/pathogen) infects p2=v2 parji is an experimental gismu. vidru parji
fu'ivla x1 is a norovirus of species/breed/defining property x2 capable of infecting [at] x3. From the city of Norwalk, Ohio, and vidru. The scientific name of the virus was first "Norwalk agent" and then shortened to "norovirus". See also xilvidru, remjinkytoldu'evidru and vidru.
lujvo v1 is an idea-carrying virus / meme / self-propagating idea capable of infecting / currently infecting v3=s3 with idea / concept / belief / opinion s1 about thing / topic / subject s2. vidru place 2 is dropped due to redundancy with sidbo. Made of sidbo + vidru.
lujvo v1=jt1=r1 is HIV [Human immunodeficiency virus] of jt2. From remna, jinkytoldu'e, vidru. v2 and v3 subsumed.
lujvo v1=jt1=s1 is SIV [Simian immunodeficiency virus] of jt2. From smani, jinkytoldu'e, vidru. s2, v2 and v3 subsumed.
lujvo s1=v1 is virology of viruses s2 based on methodology s3. Virology is the study of viruses. See also vidru, jumske.
lujvo v1=x1 is a rotavirus of species/breed/defining property v2 capable of infecting [at] v3. x2 may be abu (A), by (B), cy (C),dy (D) or ebu (E). Rotavirus A, the most common, causes more than 90% of infections in humans. See also vidru, norvokovidru and remjinkytoldu'evidru.