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fu'ivla x1 amputates, surgically removes x2 from x3 leaving remainder x4 See also vimcu, katna
lujvo v1 is the result/remnant/remainder when v2 is removed/subtracted/deducted/taken away from v3 by v4. Cf. vimcu.
gismu rafsi: cpa x1 gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts x2 from source x3 [previous possessor not implied]. Also fetch; accept a gift (= seldu'acpa). See also punji, lebna, vimcu.
lujvo l1=j1 picks at l2=j2 with l3=j3. Cf. lacpu, jgari, vimcu.
gismu x1 (experiencer) decreases/contracts/is reduced/diminished in property/quantity x2 by amount x3. See also zenba, mleca, vimcu.
lujvo v1=m2 rubs off v2 from v3=m3 leaving remainder v4. Cf. mosra, vimcu.
lujvo v1 circumcises/removes foreskin from p2=s2=v3. Cf. pinji, skapi, vimcu. See also pinjyskapi. Also: v1 is a mohel.
lujvo v1=r1 cuts (removes during editing) v2=r2 from v3 leaving v4. Cf. vimcu, ralte, fukra'e, fukpu'i.
mi djica lo nu mi kakne lo nu mi djuno fi lo nu vimcu la'o gy facebook account gy pe mi
I wish I could figure out how to delete my Facebook account.
ti cagna lo moklu be le nakni lo pu se zvati be lo denci lo nu lo mikce mo'u vimcu le denci
This is a wound in his mouth at the place where there was a tooth removed by a doctor.
gismu x1 vanishes/disappears from location x2; x1 ceases to be observed at x2 using senses/sensor x3. Also leaves, goes away (one sense). See also cliva, ganse, zgana, lebna, vimcu.
lujvo v1 weeds out plants s1=c1 of species s2 from v3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder v4. Cf. cilce, spati, vimcu, cicfoi, cicyspa, cicyspafoi, cicycrepu.
gismu rafsi: liv li'a x1 leaves/goes away/departs/parts/separates from x2 via route x3. Also: x1 leaves behind/takes leave of x2. See also litru, canci, vimcu, lebna, muvdu.
lujvo v1 performs abortion/induces delivery of embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg t1=v2 on t2=v3. (The survival/death of t1=v2 is not implied.) Cf. tarbi, vimcu. Abortion/Inducement = nuntarbyvi'u.
i da'i vimcu se pu'e lo kerfa noi gutci be li pa be'o ku'o ku fo lo kerfa noi gutci be li fi'u re .i lo nu go'i cu nu krevi'u xu
Suppose I remove, starting with hair one inch in length, leaving hair a half inch in length. Is that shaving?
gismu rafsi: leb le'a x1 takes/gets/gains/obtains/seizes/[removes] x2 (object/property) from x3 (possessor). Also confiscate, appropriate. Acquire with volition such that x1 gains possession; x3 is possessor and not merely source, alienation is implied. (cf. punji, cpacu where volition or previous possession is not necessarily implied, vimcu for alienation where x1 need not gain possession, canci, cliva)