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lujvo x1=l1 is a dictionary with words x2=l2=v1 in order x3=l3, medium x4=l4, and language x5=v3. See also: valsi, liste
lo vlaste cu plixau tutci lo nu tadni lo bangu
Dictionary is a useful tool for studying languages.
lo se cukta be ti cu vlaste lo lojbo
This book is a Lojban dictionary.
.i ju'o kakne co vlasisku gije xe fanva facki .i ku'i na me lo'e vlaste
You can search words, and get translations. But it's not exactly a typical dictionary.
lujvo l1 is an onomasticon of names l2=c1 in order l3 in medium l4. Cf. vlaste.
fu'ivla x1 is the lexicon/vocabulary of language x2 See also leksikosle, vlaste, bangu
lujvo x1=l1 is a list of structure words x2=l2=c1 of class(es) x5=c2 of language x6=c3 in order x3=l3 in medium x4=l4. Cf. cmavo, liste, vlaste, vlacku, gimste, jvoste