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gismu rafsi: vok vo'a x1 is a voice/speech sound of individual x2. See also sance, tirna, bacru.
lo ko'a voksa cu sance xagmau lo do voksa
Her voice sounds better than yours.
.uicai mi'o prami lo skami voksa
Oh yes, we love the computer voice!
lo vacri pu klina lo darno voksa
The air was clean to pass a distant voice.
lo masno voksa cu se ckaji lo ta nanmu
Slow speech is characteristic of that man.
lo voksa be lo ninmu cu to'e cladu
The woman's voice is quiet.
lujvo x1 speaks (vocally) to x2 about x3 in language x4 voksa tavla
gismu rafsi: sna x1 is sound produced/emitted by x2. x2 sounds (intransitive verb). See also savru, tirna, voksa, siclu, slaka.
lujvo x1 is a vocal sound (vowel, consonant...) See also voksnaske, karsna, zunsna, sance, voksa.
gismu rafsi: ba'u x1 utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks [vocally makes sound] x2. Also voices; does not necessarily imply communication or audience; ('says' is usually cusku). See also krixa, cusku, casnu, tavla, voksa, pinka.
gismu rafsi: tin x1 hears x2 against background/noise x3; x2 is audible; (adjective:) x1 is aural. See also kerlo, sance, smaji, savru, voksa, ganse, zgana.