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experimental gismu x1 returns to x2 from x3; x1 moves/gives back to x2 from x3. x1 goes back/reverts/retreats; (x2 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and a causative like rinka/rikygau). See also benji, krefu, rapli, rinka. For 'return something to something' use volvygau or xruti.
ko clira zmadu volve
Come back soon.
ui mi mo'u volve
I'm glad to be back.
ko volve co clira
Come back soon.
mi volve ba zi
I will be back soon.
le fetsi bazisai volve
She'll return very soon.
ii lo tirxu mo'u volve
Oh, no! The tiger is back!
lujvo x1 is a boomerang See volve, grana
mi ca cliva .i ku'i mi ba za volve
I'm leaving now, but I'll be back in a while.
ko jungau mi ca lo nu do volve lo zdani
Let me know when you'll return home.
ca ma sei do jinvi ra ba mo'u volve
When do you think he'll be back?
nu'e do mi ba volve za lo cacra be li me'i pa
I promise I'll be back in less than an hour.