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lo vorme ci zmiku lo ka co'a kalri
The door opens automatically.
lujvo v1 is an exit out of c2. Cf. cliva, vorme, vrogai
lujvo c1=v1 is a French window/side-hinged window. vorme canko; typically in pairs extending to the floor
lujvo d1 knocks at door d2=v1 to v3. Cf. vorme, darxi.
da poi zvati lo vorme zo'u e'o ko cpedu lo nu denpa
Whoever is at the door, please ask him to wait.
lo vorme co'a kalri gau la .tom. .i ce'o lo gerku mo'u bajra lo bartu
Tom opened the door and the dog ran out.
.i ta'onai mi ca jimpe tu'a zo marji .i .e'u pilno lu marce vorme li'u
But back to the point; I now understand the word "material". I suggest using "vehicle door".
mi pu setca lo cfine lo loldi te zu'e lo nu lo vorme co'a kalri
I drove the wedge into the floor so that the door was open.
i ti ckiku lo xunre vorme i ma ckiku lo do jaspu
What is the password to your account?
gismu rafsi: mur mu'a x1 is a curtain/blinds/drapes for covering/obscuring aperture x2, and made of material x3. See also canko, vorme.
lujvo p1=v1 is a passage between p2=v2 and p3=v3. Cf. vorme, pluta.
lujvo k1=v1 is the threshold defining access through the boundary between k2=v2 and k3=v3. Cf. vorme, korbi, vroloi.
lujvo l1 is the threshold/doorsill of doorway/gateway l2 between v2 and v3 of structure v4. Cf. vorme, loldi, vrokoi.
lo ka pilno lo drata ckiku cu danfu lo tadji be lo ka jai gau karli fai lo vorme
Using another key is the answer to the problem of opening the door.
gismu rafsi: ca'o x1 is a window/portal/opening [portal] in wall/building/structure x2. See also vorme, bitmu, ganlo, murta, pagre, kevna, jvinu, kalri, kuspe.
lujvo g1 is a door/gate (movable barrier) in portal/doorway (opening) v1=g2 between v2 and v3, in structure v4. Cf. vorme, gacri, li'avro, kumfa, dinju, pagre